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Bars & Pubs in Saigon

The city of Ho Chi Minh or Saigon has a lot to offer to its tourists. The boulevards, the buildings that helps the tourists as well as the locals to get an idea about the French architecture, the over crowded streets, the traffic, the shops that displays different kinds of goods, the attire of the local residents, the roads which are always jam- packed is sure to give you an idea about the kind of lifestyle that the inhabitants of this city follow. To form an idea about the nightlife of the people of Vietnam, you need to visit the bars and the pubs of this city. Toursvietnam.net offers complete information on the Bars and Pubs in Saigon Ho Chi Minh City.
Saigon – Ho Chi Minh city offers you a wide range of choices as far as the bars and the pubs are concerned. After a hectic day a visit to the bars and the pubs that are spread out throughout the city of Ho Chi Minh Saigon would definitely rejuvenate your spirits. At most of these bars and pubs you would get to hear live music played by bands who make the best of their efforts to pull in crowds. The cost of the food and the drinks served by these bars and pubs are within one’s budget and the staff tries to the best of their ability to cater to the needs and demands of the guests. These are great places to hang out with friends or colleagues or close associates. Check out the reviews of the pubs and bars of this city before settling for a particular pub or a bar, as you want to get your money’s worth. Regarding transportation, you can avail a taxi or can take the help of the bus service or a can hire a car to get to a pub or a bar.
Allez Boo Bar Saigon
Allez Boo bar in Ho Chi Minh City is another popular bars and pubs of the city. This bar is mainly popular among the backpackers due to its corner location at the junction of two bustling streets that are concentrated with countless budget guesthouses and restaurants.
Allez Boo bar has a different look both from outside as well as inside. The interior of the bar is made of bamboo. This bar is good place to enjoy both meals and drinks. The pool table and the music are the other attractions of the bar that add more glitters to this hot drinking spot.
Set up like a little bamboo beachfront bar, Ho Chi Minh Allez Boo Bar serves a wide variety of cocktails and wines. One can also grab a chance to enjoy mouth watering Vietnamese dishes served in the bar. Hamburgers are the most popular dishes.
At present Allez boo bar is a part of Liberty 3 Hotel. The opening hours of Allez Boo bar is from 8am to midnight everyday.
Address: 187 Pham Ngu Lao
Ho Chi Minh City
Blue Gekko Bar Saigon

Ho Chi Minh City, is the largest and the most exciting city of Vietnam. It is the economic as well as the administrative hub of Vietnam. The puppet shows, the water puppet theatre, the horse race that takes place at the Phu Tho Racecourse offers you the opportunity to make the best use of your vacation at the Ho Chi Minh City. In order to enliven your stay at this city a visit to the bars and the nightclubs is a must. AsiaRooms.com gives complete information on the Blue Gekko Bar, Ho Chi Minh City.

If you are an Australian then the Gekko Bar, Ho Chi Minh City is the perfect place for you to be as it retains an Australian atmosphere. The low ceiling of this bar is adorned with flags and the walls have been embellished with accessories that are associated with Football League. It also features a dartboard and a pool table. The rock music that is played at this bar electrifies the ambience of this bar. At this bar you can while away your time by speaking your heart out to your friends or by watching sports on the television provided by the bar while you enjoy your drink.
Mentioned below is the address of this bar:
Gekko Bar
31 Ly TuTrong,
District 1,
Ho Chi Minh City

Chu Bar Saigon

Located at Dong Khoi Street of Ho Chi Minh City, Chu Bar is one of the best bars of the city that offers excellent services and entertainment to its guests. Chu Bar is the popular bar dominated both by the tourists as well as by locals. The beautiful, dark wooded interior of this popular bar is dominated by a large oval bar table. In the bar you can also get a chance to cozy up with the 8 beautiful charming ladies that work as bartenders. Chu Bar in Ho Chi Minh City serves all kinds of drinks listing from cocktails, wines and some hard liquor. One can also enjoy smoking cigars in this bar.
Chu Bar also arranges some fresh fruits for hungry guests. The menu of the bar includes mango and papaya and also dried beef salad. Every night Chu Bar tended to have a special on particular hard liquor or a cigar. Along with it bar also offers live band each night for entertainment of its guests. The opening hours of Chu Bar of Ho Chi Minh City is from 7am to midnight everyday. Prices start from USD 3.50 per drink while dried beef salad priced USD 2.50 and sandwiches USD 3.50.
Address: 158 Dong Khoi
Ho Chi Minh City
Underground Bar, Saigon

A tour of the Ho Chi Minh City would remain incomplete without a visit to the nightclubs and the bars. If you are planning to spend some good times with your friend or some special moments with your beloved then you can check out the Underground Bar. AsiaRooms.com offers a detailed account of the Underground Bar, Ho Chi Minh City.
The Underground Bar is one of the most sought after bars and one of the most popular nightspot of the Ho Chi Minh City. The food of this bar deserves special mention and at this bar you can gorge on the scrumptious pizzas. You can also check out the barbeque buffet that has earned the recognition of the tourists as well as the locals. This bar offers you excellent scope to try your hand at a game of pool or darts. To get an entry to this bar you need not be bothered about the dress code as this bar allows you to dress according to your own will. It is recommended to visit this club at the weekdays, as it usually gets overcrowded during the weekends.
Given here is the address of the Underground Bar:
Underground Bar
69 Dong Khoi St.
Ho Chi Minh City – Dist.1

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