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The Vietnamese Pho: An Explosion Of Flavors!

Vietnam is a jewel that is nestled in steamy Southeast Asia, is a catchall that borrows a little from each of the culture and conjures up a unique culinary tradition of its own. Vietnamese food is fast catching up the world as one of the spiciest ways to jazz up America’s calorie conscious table!

For the Americans who are used to having a cholesterol laden breakfast of ham, bacon and eggs the Vietnamese national dish, beef pho noodles soup is a literal pleasure in every scoop. Pho has become an addiction among the food connoisseurs because of its exotic ingredients and great health giving properties.

Vietnamese are of the staunch opinion that a meat dish should taste just like a meat dish and therefore no vegetables are added into this soup while cooking. The cooking style of this healthy broth is a sight to behold as it involves a lot of techniques that avoid cholesterol and fats.

A large cauldron of water is boiled and beef marrow, knuckle bones, beef chucks are cooked and the water drained to avoid the impurities that cloud the soup. They are then transferred to another cauldron and simmered so this makes the remaining fat contents to float on the top. It is effectively removed using a ladle and charred onions and ginger is added so that it gives an exotic flavor to the soup.

The eternal spices like star anise, cinnamon and cloves are added so that it hides the smell of beef and accentuates the smell of spices. All these ingredients are allowed to simmer in the pot for about an hour so that the aroma and flavor creeps into the beef chunks.

Meanwhile, preheated bowls scooped with rice noodles are topped with thin slices of beef and raw sirloin. They are then immersed with ladles of the boiling broth so that it cooks the raw beef strips arranged and makes it to a perfectly chewy temper. Then, the garnishing is done which is not just a sprinkle of this or a dash of that but with wholesome flavorful herbs. Fresh herbs are not chopped but cut and served into individual bowls. This assures that with every chunky bite a real burst of flavor erupts in the mouth!

The pho Vietnamese restaurant chain in Flushing, New York is a chock-a –block eatery is inexpensive and serves the best pho noodles soup. The customers throng there as a large bowl of steaming noodles with all the paraphernalia is got for just 6 dollars.

(By Aurum Writers for BlogOfAsia)

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