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Travelers from year-round snow covered countries to Vietnam, a year-round sunny tropical country only know in books and newspapers, and European and American tourists pay a visit to the place where a long war have taken place and where people are enjoying peace. French and American veterans return to the old battle field to find some recollections. Businessmen come to find opening markets and have plans for investment. Beside the places they want to see in this opening-up country. It is positive that no foreigners overlook a visit to Hochiminh city or Saigon its former name before liberation day.

After days of struggling for a living, when returning to the motherland almost all oversea Vietnamese drop by Hochiminh City before they leave for their old hometown, which may be in a certain remote province in Central Vietnam or in the South. Traditionally hospitable Saigon opens its arms to welcome you with all affections.

Saigon is neither excessively noisy nor extremly expensive. Saigon is moderate… Saigon is making very effort to rise step-by-step.

Saigon is always glad to wait for visitors who are fond of this country or oversea Vietnamese who want to pay a visit to their homeland.

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