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Shopping for antiques at Cao Minh Café

Every Sunday morning, people come to the secondhand goods and antiques market to enjoy coffee, have breakfast, listen to music and seek unique secondhand goods. The market opens at 9 a.m. at garden café Cao Minh in HCMC’s Binh Thanh District.

Vị trí đặt quảng cáoAt the market, antique collectors, sellers, and enthusiasts can trade and exchange their knowledge and passion for antiquity.

The market is divided into many sections and sells antiques such as motorbikes, cars, paintings, lights, cameras, fans, clocks, eyeglasses, musical instruments, jewelry and a host of other used items.

Antique lovers can purchase Sachs motorbikes from the 1950s or 1940s to 60s-style Vespas and Lambrettas or a 1958-model Mercedes and relevant spare parts.

“I am really moved to see Vespa scooters here that I met in Paris in 1950s. It arouses my childhood memory with lines of Vespa on the streets in Paris at that time,” said Bob Amy, a photographer from Calgary City.

Zippo cigarette lighters, American rings, eyeglasses, and Swiss watches in old, unique and meticulous design are also available for purchase.

Antique enthusiasts can also decorate their home with old oil lamps and original Yamaha and Morris-brand pianos and guitars.

The market is also an ideal venue to find antique phones, tiger fingernails, lion or wild pig’s teeth or a set of Japanese swords.

To preserve old keepsakes and provide more space for antiques seekers to share their passion, Dzung Tran, a property businessman established the website www.saigonvechai.com six years ago. Since its launch, it has attracted about 5,000 members. On the website, members can view antiques as well as their origin, age and value.

“Together with a passion for antiques, we also do community affairs such as visiting and giving gifts to the elderly, orphans and disabled people twice a month,” Tran said. He added that the members also hold a charity program in key holidays such as spring, Christmas and big national festivals to help underprivileged people.

At the café, enthusiasts can learn how to distinguish true antiques from fakes and the correct way to collect and preserve them. Before purchasing an antique, buyers will be given advice and information about the items origin, age and value. For further assurance, they can even try before they buy, to ensure its value.

Cao Minh Café is located at 255/47 No Trang Long Street in HCMC’s Binh Thanh District, tel: (08) 3516 0151, website: www.saigonvechai.com.

By Uyen Vien in HCMC

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